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Our expertises

Vacher Marcel

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Die boards

Our company, Vacher Marcel, is specialised in die boards. Made to measure, these tools meet the most stringent requirements in terms of precision, in order to optimise the productivity of your machines. Our R&D Department is devoted to finding industrial productivity gains and working comfort for operators.


Stripping tools

Our stripping tools are naturally designed from our expertise in die boards. Our expertise allows us to anticipate the reactions of machines during standard or dynamic stripping for greater operator comfort.



Our experts recommend using a counterplate adapted to your choice of material when working on your projects. The selected material can then come into action to fully play its role.


Blanking tools

This step marks the end of the cutting process; it is a kind of final bouquet. For this reason, a large part of our R&D is dedicated to its development in order to make this process ever more cost effective and productive for our customers.



The Braille alphabet is based on a system of raised dots which can be read by visually impaired people. Rather than sound codes, Braille uses a code based on Latin typographic signs (letters, punctuation) in the form of 6-point grids.



Embossing, a special printing technique to obtain relief patterns on paper, cardboard, or fabric.


and Training

This ‘consultancy and training’ expertise is an integral part of our identity and is our purpose. Thanks to the recognised expertise of our teams, which intervene upstream as a design and engineering office and downstream to train the customer’s machine operators.

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