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A steel counterplate to increase productivity gains
A steel counterplate for the aesthetic packaging’s promise

What does HRC stand for?:

Rockwell hardness: Hardness of a material measured by the depth of the imprint left by a conical or spherical indenter under a defined load. (We use scale B [symbol HRB] for materials with medium hardness and scale C [symbol HRC] for hard materials.

The most used references:
HRC 38 / HRC 42: 1mm
HRC 50: 1.35 mm particularly indicated in the case of die-cut shapes with integrated embossing, requiring the presence of large embossing blocks. Perfectly suitable for different types of cardboard thicknesses.

Our machine park: Within the VACHER group, we have 4 latest generation digital milling machines

How does this product behave compared to the PERTINAX counterpart?

In pertinax, the depth of the channel for creasing is equal to the thickness of the cardboard.
In Pertinax mode, throat wear, edge wear crumbles after 1,000 sheets.
The outline of a case or final packaging is less marked.
Pertinax thickness = cardboard thickness.
A game of pertinax is renewed on average 2 to 3 times depending on the volume of the number of passages, and the pressure exerted during the strikes.

STOP preconceived ideas: The plate engraved in the economic whole of a project can prove to be more profitable than the PERTINAX system, beyond a gain in quality.

Features :

Advantages :


Quality of the wood used:
Depending on the project, we work on 2 types of wood:

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