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Our enterprise

A Vacher Marcel die board, much more than just a tool ...

In substance or form, our commitment is total

Passion, something we have expertise in

Vacher Marcel is a family business created by a man who wanted to believe in his dream of transforming the die board market through the expertise of men and women serving technology, and not the opposite. Fifty years later, under the leadership of Frédéric Vacher (Marcel’s son), our company is Europe’s second largest diemaker. The certification of our tools by the world leader BOBST, confirms our credibility on the market.

Why do  you  need to choose a  BOBST certified formist?

Formists play a key role in the value chain for efficient and high-quality packaging. To help you and  develop your expertise, follow technological progress and meet the requirements of converters and brands, BOBST has developed a certification program for formists.

Converters need to know that their formists have the skills and understanding of the equipment necessary to produce good quality shapes. BOBST’s formist certification program is a excellence guarantee.

All BOBST certified formists have been recognized as having a positive and avant-garde attitude towards quality standards, from innovation to automation and then digitalization. They demonstrate that they have the mentality and apprehension of the production sought by the converters.

Instant operational tools

At the cutting edge of technology, our factory has regularly invested in ever more efficient production tools. We have also designed our own tools thanks to our integrated design and engineering office in order to further improve the performance of the die boards we offer to our customers. More advanced and better adapted to needs, they help our customers to save time and improve productivity, which is highly appreciated in terms of value creation.

Strong development in France and abroad

Vacher Marcel has manufactured die boards for fifty years and is currently the second largest diemaker in Europe. Beyond the design of our own tools by our R&D Department, we also have Bobst-certified tools, guaranteed by the eponymous world leader. We can thus ensure optimal use of these machines. Our coverage in Europe includes seven manufacturing sites in France, Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

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