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The Vacher Group
clarifies its positioning

Having bought out several companies in order to gain ground in its key sectors both […]

Having bought out several companies in order to gain ground in its key sectors both in France and Europe, the Vacher Group, led by Frédéric Vacher, has called upon communications agency Esprit des Sens to clarify the group’s positioning, create a new graphic identity and get its teams onboard regarding the new employer brand.

˝The group’s strapline came to us quite naturally during a creativity workshop where we were working together, pooling our ideas˝ explains the group CEO, Frédéric Vacher. ˝Expertise in all its forms˝ is an intrinsic illustration of the group’s philosophy and the values it embodies, which can be found in the way it works and in its expertise. ˝Our operation is based on attention to detail, quality, expertise and team spirit˝ adds Frédéric Vacher.

And so, a new graphic identity has emerged and with it, a brand new group strategy, positioning all of its subsidiaries around a single, stronger and more coherent brand image. 

Branded by a corporate culture embodied by all of the group’s companies, it was essential for the Vacher Group to harmonise its external and in-house communications process so that all employees have a real sense of belonging. 

The result is a real group dynamic, new links between the teams and a more pronounced co-development approach. With the complementary nature of the group’s trades clearly on display, the aim is to strive even further to provide customers with increasingly innovative solutions. 

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